2015 Film Projects

In 2014 I really only tackled two film projects: the entire Up documentaries (1964-2012, ongoing) directed by Paul Almond (1964) and Michael Apted (1971-present), and the Universal Monsters collection. For 2015, I’m considering one or more of the following projects:


The Films of David Lynch (10 movies and the TV series Twin Peaks)

I’ve actually already started this project with my friend K. So far we’ve viewed Eraserhead and the first few episodes of Twin Peaks. We plan to watch the films in chronological order, taking breaks to watch a few episodes of Twin Peaks in between. You can find my thoughts on Eraserhead here


Early Hitchcock

I’m not even sure how many of Hitchcock’s early films are available, but I’d like to start as close to the beginning as possible and end with the 1934 version of The Man Who Knew Too Much. I saw a few of Hitchcock’s silent films back in college, but have forgotten nearly all of them, so this project will, for all practical purposes, be a fresh start.


The Films of Warren Oates

After reading Kim Morgan’s excellent post on Warren Oates, I want to revisit the Oates films I’ve seen and experience the others for the first time. I’ve always enjoyed Oates’s work, but never realized the breadth and depth of it before reading the Morgan post. I just saw The Shooting (1966) the other day and hope to see more Oates films soon. (The new Criterion Collection release of The Shooting/Ride in the Whirlwind also features a video appreciation of Oates by Morgan.) I’ll probably only tackle about 10 or so films. (Suggestions welcome) 


Submarine Movies

I’m as interested as the next person in movies that have anything to do with boats, sailing, etc., but when you mention submarine movies, just move me to the front of the line. I’ve seen several and thought I should watch about 10 or so and write on them. Maybe I’ll discover why I like them so much. I also know a guy who served on submarines and want to ask him which ones are the most accurate. Again, suggestions welcome.


The Films of Ida Lupino

Lately I’ve begun to appreciate Lupino’s fine acting ability as well as her gifts as a director and hope to see at least 10 or so of the nearly 60 films she acted in as well as the seven films she directed. Lupino gets far too little recognition these days and her work deserves to be watched, studied and celebrated. (Once again, suggestions welcome.)

I’d love to hear about your 2015 projects. 

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