Celebrate Will Eisner Week, March 1-7, 2015


If you’re a comics fan, old or new, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating Will Eisner Week, which is held the week of March 6 each year. Will Eisner Week is “an annual celebration promoting graphic novels, literacy, free speech awareness and the legacy of Will Eisner,” all of which are worthy of celebration.


If you don’t know about Eisner and his legacy, I’ll direct you to this brief biography, but the short version goes like this: Will Eisner is the central figure in comics history. As a creator, he’s most remembered for his creation The Spirit, which has been collected in a series of 26 archive volumes. He’s also remembered for his Contract with God trilogy and many, many more books, most of which you can find here.


Even if you don’t read an Eisner graphic novel this week, I challenge you to read some type of graphic novel during the next few days. It’s not too much of a stretch to say that without Eisner, there may not even be such a thing as a graphic novel.

You can also check out the Will Eisner Week website for more information, but for a great introduction to Eisner, his work, and his legacy, listen to the latest podcast from The Comics Alternative, “A Special Roundtable Discussion on Will Eisner Week with Denis Kitchen and Michael Schumacher.”


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