Herb Trimpe (1939-2015)

HerbTrimpe11.16.08ByLuigiNovi trimpehulk hulk-171

Artist Herb Trimpe passed away on Monday at the age of 75. You can read more about Trimpe’s life and his passing but for me, Trimpe will always define how the Hulk should look. The Incredible Hulk was one of my favorite comics as a kid, largely due to Trimpe’s artwork and after seeing his version of the character, anyone else’s just didn’t seem to measure up.


Other than Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, it was pretty rare in those Silver Age days to see pictures of the Marvel Bullpen writers, artists and letterers, but I remember seeing one photo gallery of several of them that appeared in Fantastic Four Annual #7. (You can see all of them here.) I remember looking at Trimpe’s photo, thinking “Wow, this guy’s really young!” Seems like just yesterday… Thank you, Mr. Trimpe, for your art and your legacy.

(Photos: Scott Tipton’s Comics 101Marvel Comics DatabaseThe Kirby MuseumFlashback Universe)


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