Catching Up

Things are going absolutely crazy around here, and I know I haven’t posted much from the movie world lately, but there’s much on the way. First, many thanks to Now Voyaging: Journeys Through Life and Classic Film for nominating me for a Liebster Award! I look forward to participating in that process soon.

Second, here are a few upcoming items to look for in the near (and far) future:


July 7 will be a day to celebrate for all film noir fans! It marks the Criterion Collection Blu-ray release of two versions of The Killers, films based the Hemingway short story. I saw the 1946 Robert Siodmak classic a couple of years ago, but it’s been years (decades, really) since I’ve watched the 1964 Don Siegel version. (In fact, July looks like a banner month for Criterion new releases.)

I know it’s been a long time coming, but I plan to wrap up my report on the Annapolis Film Festival soon. Since so much time has passed, most of the post will consist of capsule reviews, but I hope they’ll be enough for you to want to seek out several of these films.

I also plan on doing a “As Many Hitchcock Films As I Can Get My Hands On” project soon. I just ordered a box set of early Hitchcock DVDs (Many thanks to Movies Silently for the recommendation!). This will be a looooooooong project, but since I love Hitchcock, this won’t exactly be a chore.


I have read, am reading, and plan to read several books on film. Speaking of Hitchcock, I just finished Stephen Rebello’s Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho (1990) and am halfway finished with Eddie Muller’s Gun Crazy: The Origin of American Outlaw Cinema (2014). After that, I’m eager to start In Lonely Places: Film Noir Beyond the City (2011) by Imogen Sara Smith.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I’ve had the DVD Criterion package of “The Killers,” which I think may be the same as the new Blu-Ray version, and they did a great job. Of course, the 1946 Robert Siodmak movie is the superior version, but they both are good and it is fun to see them both and compare.

    Thanks for the book recommendations.


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