I Know, I Swore I Was Finished with School…


And then comes this: Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will launch an online course next month (in conjunction with Ball State University, IN) called Into Darkness: Investigating Film Noir. The nine-week course, taught by Richard L. Edwards, PhD., and Shannon Clute, is absolutely free. You can read more about the course here.


The course will run concurrently with TCM’s Summer of Darkness, an event that will feature 120 noir films airing every Friday during June and July. Even if you’re not a TCM subscriber (and I’m unfortunately not: I cut the cable long ago), you can still participate in the course, completing as much or as little as you’d like.


Have I signed up? Of course I have! (Haven’t you been paying attention to this blog?) I hope you’ll join me. So, break out your fedoras, take a jorum of skee and sign up. That’s the crop.

(Photos: Mystery File, The History Blog)

2 thoughts on “I Know, I Swore I Was Finished with School…

  1. Thanks, Richard, and thanks for stopping by the blog. I’m very much looking forward to the course!


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