Reviews, Interviews, and Previews

Man, things have been busy on the comics scene, but in a good way. First, Derek and I recently reviewed four new titles on a recent podcast:


Headspace – Ryan K. Lindsay, Eric Zawadzki, Sebastian Piriz (IDW)


You Don’t Say – Nate Powell (Top Shelf)

and two one-shot books from Nobrow’s 17 x 23 series:


Lost Property – Andy Poyiadgi

Vacancy – Jen Lee


Second, last night we recorded a really fun (and explicit) interview with Tom Neely and Keenan Marshall Keller, creators of the Image comic The Humans. (The first trade came out in April.) Look for this episode of the podcast to be up sometime later today at The Comics Alternative.


And finally, Derek and I will be recording our look at the June Previews catalog in a few days, so get ready to make your shopping lists.

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