The Party’s Over


At least it’s over for my computer; well, almost. The 8-year-old iMac’s day are numbered. It’s been moving pretty slow for several weeks, if not months. Most days it still works reasonably well, but seems to get a little slower every day. I see the multicolored spinning wheel just about every time I hit the return key.


I’m seriously considering the 27″ iMac with Retina 5K display. Yeah, it’s probably more than I need, but in addition to reading tons of comics/graphic novel files, I would also love to watch Blu-rays on my computer, and maybe even start shooting some video and editing on a small scale.


The MCE Super-BluDrive Blu-ray Player looks promising…

But I know there are several other options out there.

I’d welcome any feedback or suggestions on computer choices (Sorry – I won’t get anything other than a Mac.) and external Blu-ray players. Thanks in advance!

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