Podcasts, Librarians, and Reading Everything In Sight

Thankfully the month of September ran out last night and I can finish my “Graphic Novels Read in September” post (which should be up tomorrow). That will add 16 more books to the first part of September’s reads.


Most readers of this blog will know of my great love for newspaper strip comics and especially the great work being done by IDW’s Library of American Comics. You can hear an excellent interview with Library of American Comics founder Dean Mullaney over at The Comics Alternative. I simply cannot wait for their newest book, King of the Comics: 100 Years of King Features. If you love comics, you won’t want to miss it.


Speaking of The Comics Alternative, Derek, Andy K., Gene, Gwen and I had a great time participating in International Podcast Day. You can hear those shenanigans here.


Finally, I was honored to be interviewed last night by Josh Stone over at Librarians Assemble!, a really fun podcast focusing on librarians and comics. I’ll post when that interview goes up. Thanks again, Josh!

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