Noirvember Has Begun!


Although I’ve loved movies since I was old enough to watch them, I never really gravitated to any one genre or style of movie until just a few years ago. That’s when the film noir bug really sank its teeth into me, pushing its wonderful venom deep into my blood stream. I think part of that noir madness is due to some of the DVD commentaries I’ve listened to, particularly those by Eddie Muller. Each of those commentaries are like film school in a box and Muller the professor extraordinaire.

I’ve commented in previous posts on why I love film noir for reasons beyond the films themselves, citing – as odd as it may seem – how film noir relates to my faith and belief system as a Christian. These are topics I hope to explore more during Noirvember, and, of course, to write about some great films.

We’re three days into Noirvember and so far I’ve seen three films. This may be too ambitious, but I’d like to average one film noir a day for the entire month. I’m not sure if I’m going to post at least a capsule review about each film or whether I’m going to group them in sets, or just post them all in one massive post. (Feel free to tell me which you’d prefer to see.)

My goal is to watch only film noir movies from the classic film noir era (1941-1958) with at least 50% of them being movies I’ve never seen before. (I already have several rewatches planned.)

So stay tuned. One way or another, there’s lots of noir coming your way.

(Photo: Filmmaker IQ)

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