Hollow Triumph (1948) Noirvember 2015: Episode 12


Hollow Triumph (a.k.a. The Scar) (1948) Steve Sekely
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Paul Henreid (above right) plays John Muller, a man just released from prison who’s itching to get back to the robbery game, which he does when he formulates a plan to rob a casino. Muller’s buddies are reluctant to join him, but they do and, of course, things go wrong. Very wrong.


Muller lays low until he discovers that he looks exactly like a local psychiatrist, except for the psychiatrist’s facial scar. Hey, maybe he could impersonate this doctor, put the moves on his beautiful secretary (Joan Bennett, above), live a life of luxury…


Hollow Triumph contains some wonderful shadowy noir scenes, thanks to brilliant cinematographer John Alton and some nice editing by Fred Allen, but the story is simply too ridiculous to stand even marginal scrutiny. Unless the entire cast of characters suffers from being nearsighted, there’s no way Muller is going to be able to successfully duplicate the doctor’s scar (which provides one of the best “you poor sap” moments in film noir) to be convincing. Watch the film for its style and for Joan Bennett.


(Photos: personal screenshots from the film)

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