The Turning Point (1952) Noirvember 2015: Episode 23


The Turning Point (1952) William Dieterle
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New district attorney John Conroy (Edmond O’Brien, above right) is young, eager and determined to wipe out crime, starting with the city’s most powerful syndicate run by Neil Eichelberger (Ed Begley). Conroy even appoints his dad (Tom Tully), a cop, to be part of his task force. But Conroy’s reporter friend Jerry McKibbon (William Holden, above left) discovers that Conroy’s dad has ties to Eichelberger. That could make for an awkward Thanksgiving…


The Turning Point offers nothing very surprising or innovative, but stands as solid noir entertainment, thanks mostly to a good cast, including two of my favorite actors, Edmond O’Brien and William Holden, both of whom play to their strengths here: O’Brien as the idealistic crusader who has more determination than experience, and Holden who always provides the wise-cracking voice of worldly realism. Alexis Smith (above right) does well in as a character who really serves no purpose in the film, other than to provide an opportunity to further divide the two friends. And whether he’s playing a hero or a heel, Ed Begley is always worth watching. The Turning Point also features the uncredited film debut of Carolyn Jones.


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