33 Years of Movies… More or Less

I have always loved to write things down. Before there were blogs, there were blank books and I filled up tons of them with journaling, diary entries, personal goals, song lyrics (not mine, thankfully; people who could actually write songs), and – of course – movie reviews.


I found one such book a few days ago, a book of movie reviews starting on December 20, 1982 with It’s a Wonderful Life (a film I was watching for the very first time) and ending on August 29, 1992 with Erich Von Stroheim’s Greed. I was really nerding out, even as a 20-year-old. (Things haven’t really changed much…)


Many of the films were new when I saw them, but others (as you can see) were much older. Many of these “reviews”are amazingly embarrassing, but some of them seem surprisingly on target. (My handwriting was also much neater, but of course now I have a keyboard… )

I thought it might be a fun project in 2016 to take a few of these films and rewatch them, posting my original review alongside a new review with 2016 eyes. If you see anything you’d like me to take on, let me know. Might be fun!

3 thoughts on “33 Years of Movies… More or Less

  1. Just read through it – my writing is pretty sad! This was in 1985, which would’ve been a re-release. I’ll either post it or let you read it at work.

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