Christmas Movies and Traditions (Some of Them Possibly Weird)



I know lots of people have Christmas movie traditions and I’m no different. Mine, however, is pretty standard: I watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year, which I never tire of seeing. My young nieces will be visiting this afternoon and evening, so I’ll probably pop in A Charlie Brown Christmas and/or How the Grinch Stole Christmas, favorites with both of them (and me).

So I’d like to know if you have Christmas movie favorites and/or traditions. Even more, I’d like to know what odd, perhaps off-kilter holiday movie traditions you have that really have nothing onscreen to do with Christmas. Here’s mine:

Many, many years ago, I travelled to spend Christmas with family who lived in another state. I was also in a long-distance relationship with a woman who lived in that same area. We didn’t have a fight during that particular Christmas, but I sensed something was wrong. She surprised me by saying that she was leaving to spend Christmas with her family in another state, so we only saw each other for that day. (I think it was Dec. 23 or 24) Again, I knew something was wrong and suspected our relationship was over.



On the day after Christmas, a day I’d originally thought I was going to spend with her, I wound up at a local theater watching John Carpenter’s Starman with my brother.  I really enjoyed the movie but the final shot, a close-up of Karen Allen with the landscape and weather changing before my eyes, just devastated me. It was as if the movie was telling me, “This is over. Things will never be the same.”

Okay, don’t get too upset (or nauseous!) with this little melodrama. The relationship was over and things weren’t ever the same, but everything worked out for the best. I am friends with that woman today and neither of us have any regrets. Yet I still watch Starman from time to time (certainly not every Christmas) and am reminded of that relationship, how far I’ve matured (mostly), and how a movie that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas can bring such strong memories of Christmas to mind.

Any non-Christmas Christmas movie memories you’d like to share? There’s the comment box right there… If not, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

(Photos: Film Forum, The Stalking Moon)


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