Best Movies of 2015: Best Blu-ray Releases

Two things: Despite what my wife says, I don’t buy that many new releases and when I do, they’re usually older films getting a new release, a Blu-ray upgrade, etc. Also, since they’re pretty much the gold standard of Blu-ray releases, you’ll see lots of Criterion Collection discs here.

I won’t go into any detail on any of these releases, partly because I haven’t seen every supplement on every release. If you’d like to read more – especially about the supplements on each disc – please click the links, most of which go to

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Best Comics of 2015: Newspaper Strips

In the past few years, I’ve fallen in love with reissues of newspaper strips, a comic format I’d never really cared for when I was younger. Maybe it’s nostalgic, or maybe it’s just delayed recognition of the talent and dedication the format requires. I read several comics strip reprints this year (and bought more that I still haven’t read), most of which you’ll see below.

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Best Movies of 2015: Best Theatrical Experiences

Be warned: I love lists, so I’m making plenty of them in December, both for movies and comics/graphic novels. Most of this month’s posts will no doubt include some type of Best of 2015 list, so if you’re into lists like I am, kick back and enjoy.

I’m starting off my Best Movies of 2015 (which will have several categories in the coming days and weeks) with the Best Theatrical Experiences I had this year. I qualify this by saying that (1) I go to very few movies in theaters, for which I have no excuse, since (2) I could walk to the nearest movie theater. Don’t get me wrong: I love seeing movies in theaters on big screens, but I prefer to do so with other people who love movies as much as I do, not with people who are going to talk, text, and who knows what else during the film. So, here we go…

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Andy & Gwen Pick the 2015 Best Comics for Young Readers


Gwen and I recently shared our picks for the best comics for young readers in 2015 over at The Comics Alternative. Although 2015 saw a huge number of great books, we limited ourselves to only a few, finding (to no great surprise) that some titles appeared on both of our lists.


In the coming days, I’ll be posting by own personal Best of 2015 lists of comics and movies with several categories in each. Feel free to share some of your favorites from 2015 as well. Enjoy!

A Theological Look at Film Noir


I’ve spoken before about my thoughts on the theology of film noir, how as a Christian I look on noir as cinema’s greatest, most accurate, and most biblical expression of fallen humanity. That state and how it plays out in our lives is best expressed in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Film noir is simply Ecclesiastes being played out through movies, although film noir usually stops at Ecclesiastes Chapter 11, not moving forward to Chapter 12, the book’s final chapter. After watching 30 film noir movies last month in light of a Christian worldview, I thought about several things:

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