A Mostly Noir Birthday

Pardon me for getting a little personal today. I have wonderful family and friends and they’ve blessed me with another great birthday. I am thankful for you all and that you love  me enough to understand my love for movies, books, and all the things that go along with them.


Today Cindy and I went to one of my favorite bookstores in the world, Daedalus Books in Columbia, Maryland, where I picked up a couple of movies, Fritz Lang’s Man Hunt (1941) and Luc Besson’s The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec (2013), a graphic novel adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Dead Man’s Folly, James M. Cain’s Double Indemnity (and although I’ve seen the film several times, I’ve never read the novel), and David Bowie’s final album Blackstar.


A few days ago, I got a fun film noir from my good friend Steph, The Brasher Doubloon.


I also received from family some great books and a Bela Lugosi set which includes The Black Cat (1934), a film I’ve wanted to see for years and now can. I was delighted to receive all these items, but especially The Art of Noir by Eddie Muller, a book I hope to have signed at Noir City in San Francisco later this week.



One of the best gifts I received was this super-nice book stand from my sister-in-law Jan and her husband Pete. It can even handle a book the size of the Muller volume with ease. I read a lot of books, and if you do also, you need a stand that’s solid and this one is. Thanks, Jan and Pete! And thanks to my wonderful wife for a great birthday.

There’ll be a real movie post tomorrow: promise!

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