It’s Getting Closer… Be Strong…

We’re getting close to the time of year when Criterion normally holds one of their 50% off flash sales. I’m always tempted to pick up something I haven’t seen (and sometimes do), but would like to trim my choices down to films I have seen and want to own.

But of course, I’ve seen none of the films on this list!


The only film I know I’ll pick up without a doubt is Gilda, since it’s one of the few always-mentioned must-see film noir movies that has so far evaded me. I’ll get it; it’s a given.


I’ll probably see a library copy of Inside Llewyn Davis before the flash sale. I love the Coens, but not every film from them is a must-own.


The same goes for Wim Wenders. I love some of his films (Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire) and I love most of the Tom Ripley adaptations I’ve seen, so I’ll probably like The American Friend, but I’d sure like to sample it first.


I have heard nothing but great things about John Frankenheimer’s Seconds, but have never seen it. It’s on YouTube, so I should just go ahead and watch it tonight.


Okay, I’m ready for you to throw things at me…. I have never seen Michael Mann’s Thief. I watched about the first 20 minutes streaming during lunch a few months ago, just before it was removed, and now it’s back on Amazon Prime, so I have no excuse.

There are plenty of other temptations, but they won’t be released until after the late February/early March sale.

So… Which titles are you thinking about picking up at the next flash sale?


3 thoughts on “It’s Getting Closer… Be Strong…

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  2. I picked up a library copy of the regular studio DVD of INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS at work today, but I think I’m going to watch SECONDS next, even though it is a YouTube viewing. Any temptations for you during the flash sale?


  3. Just watched Thief recently and thought Caan was amazing in it. Seconds is wild, like a Twilight Zone episode, I really like that. Just got my copy of Gilda so I can’t wait to rewatch, and look forward to seeing what you think of these when you get to them.


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