Catching Up


Man, you take a weekend off, travel out of town, and then realize all the things you have coming up. Tonight I have a presentation at my library called What Are Graphic Novels? followed by our first Anne Arundel County Public Library Comic Con on Saturday.

As far as movie news…

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I should have both Woman on the Run and Too Late for Tears Blu-rays on my desk today, both brand new Flicker Alley film noir releases I’m very excited about. You can read my thoughts (as well as other writers’) on Woman on the Run on the Flicker Alley blog.


I’ll also be participating in The Great Villain Blogathon very soon! I’m not going to tell you what film I’ll be discussing, but here are a couple of hints: (1) film noir (2) sleep with one eye open.


Finally, I’ve heard a little about a South Korean company called Plain Archive that sells gorgeous Blu-ray editions of excellent films. Even though the company is in South Korea, most (maybe all) of their releases are either region-free or Region A. I’m very tempted to pick up one of these releases just to see if they look as good in person as they do on the site. (This edition of Ida looks magnificent.) Thanks to the guys at Criterion Close-Up for talking about Plain Archive on their latest episode.

More to come…

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