A Bit of Everything…

Just a few items of interest this morning while I’m trying to gather my thoughts for my next movie review…


First, on the comics/graphic novel scene, Gwen and I recently discussed three very interesting new comics for young readers over at The Comics Alternative podcast. If you’re a young reader, have a young reader, know a young reader, or are young at heart, I hope you’ll check out these new books.


Next, my friend and fellow film noir enthusiast B Noir Detour┬árecently tweeted out a movie I’ve been wanting to see for years, Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948). The movie is available to watch over at Rarefilmm – The Cave of Forgotten Films. I’ve only known about this site for a few weeks, thanks to a mention from Attaboy Clarence. Rarefilmm allows viewers to watch movies online or to download them in compressed or uncompressed files. I was quite impressed with the picture and sound quality of Night Has a Thousand Eyes and if the rest of their films look and sound this good, I’ll be spending a lot of time there. Do check Rarefilmm out.


Finally, the Severna Park Library (where I work) will present the next film in its Great Movies series on Thursday, July 7 at 6:30pm. Due to our film licensing agreement, I can’t tell you the title of the film, but I can share a crazy drawing (based on the Criterion wacky drawings) that may give you a hint. Please join us!

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