Books on Movies: Video Tonfa (2016) Tim Goodyear


Video Tonfa (2016) Tim Goodyear
Floating World Comics
Trade paperback, 608 black-and-yellow pages
ISBN 9781942801931

(Derek and I briefly discussed this book on our Alternative Comics publisher spotlight episode a couple of months ago on The Comics Alternative podcast.)

Video Tonfa scratches two of my most dedicated itches: movies and comics. Goodyear, who has worked in the Pacific Northwest in comics, zines and video for many years, has created a unique product: a journal of movies he’s watched over the years – reviews and drawings of the original poster art or VHS/DVD box art. Reading the book is almost like looking at someone’s diary, but I suspect most diaries aren’t nearly this much fun.

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It’s Such a Beautiful Day (2016) Don Hertzfeldt


It’s Such a Beautiful Day (2016) Don Hertzfeldt
Blu-ray (entire disc 2:20)

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into when I signed up for the “Hertzfeldt on Blu-ray” Kickstarter project. I’d heard Ryan and Brian, the guys from Off the Shelf talking positively about the project. It sounded interesting, so I did something I rarely do: contributed $20 for a collection of films from a director I knew nothing about. All I knew was that this Blu-ray would be a collection of several of Hertzfeldt’s animated films, none of which I had seen. I I knew that It’s Such a Beautiful Day was streaming at the time on Netflix (and still is), yet for some reason, I held off watching it.

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