What’s On Your List?

The next Barnes & Noble/Criterion 50% off sale is coming soon… Since I live near a Costco which usually has several Criterion titles on hand, and since I just bought some titles at the last Barnes & Noble sale, I probably won’t get much this time around.


In fact, the only title that’s a must- buy right now is The In-Laws, I movie I’ve loved ever since I saw it on HBO shortly after its initial release.

742_BD_box_348x490_original 802_box_BD_348x490_original

Of course I could be persuaded to pick up The Palm Beach Story and Paris Belongs to Us, two very different films, but films I know I’ll want to revisit sooner rather than later.


I know I should probably blind-buy A Brighter Summer Day, but I’d really like to see it first.

So, what are you planning on getting?

3 thoughts on “What’s On Your List?

  1. OH WAIT! I didn’t know ‘The In-Laws’ was a CRITERION! I need that one!!!! Well, my parents need it for sure because their copy is on BETA. SERPENTINE SERPENTINE!


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