What’s On Your List?

The next Barnes & Noble/Criterion 50% off sale is coming soon… Since I live near a Costco which usually has several Criterion titles on hand, and since I just bought some titles at the last Barnes & Noble sale, I probably won’t get much this time around.


In fact, the only title that’s a must- buy right now is The In-Laws, I movie I’ve loved ever since I saw it on HBO shortly after its initial release.

742_BD_box_348x490_original 802_box_BD_348x490_original

Of course I could be persuaded to pick up The Palm Beach Story and Paris Belongs to Us, two very different films, but films I know I’ll want to revisit sooner rather than later.


I know I should probably blind-buy A Brighter Summer Day, but I’d really like to see it first.

So, what are you planning on getting?

Half the Year’s Over… What Have You Watched?

Time for some major nerd numbers and stats! One of my goals for 2016 was to watch 300 movies. I realized pretty early in the year that I probably wasn’t going to hit that number, but what I’ve seen for the first half of the year isn’t too bad: 128 movies.

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