I see a lot of #7favfilms on Twitter and other places and I very much enjoy reading those posts, but how in the world can you narrow all this down to seven? I would need to break mine up into categories, such as 7:

Noir Movies

Black-and-White Movies


Horror Movies

SF Movies





Costume Designers

Film Editors


International Films

Films by Decade

7 Favorite Films Directed by

John Huston

Fritz Lang

Paul Thomas Anderson

Alfred Hitchcock

Akira Kurosawa

Billy Wilder

David Lynch

7 Favorite Films Starring

Humphrey Bogart

Robert Mitchum

Cary Grant

Boris Karloff

Barbara Stanwyck

Ida Lupino

Joan Crawford

Bette Davis

William Holden

James Stewart

Edward G. Robinson

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop. If I only had the time to work on these!

What are some of the 7favfilms categories you’d choose?

* The photo is from a film that’s definitely in my all-time 7favfilms list.


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