The Request Line is Still Open

Thank you to those of you who have made streaming suggestions based on my current no-physical-media dilemma (described in yesterday’s post). Although no one commented here on the blog, several of you commented via Twitter (@awolverton77) and Facebook. I took a serious look at two of those suggestions:


I’ll admit that I haven’t finished The Assassin (2015) yet. So far I’m finding it absolutely gorgeous in its cinematography but glacially slow in its pace. (Perhaps part of that comes from starting it too late last night.) I plan to finish it tonight, however. (Streaming on Netflix)


Also on Netflix is a 6-episode TV series called River, a show that absolutely no one is talking about, but they should. Stellan Skarsgård plays John River, a London detective who’s trying to go about his job while mourning the murder of his partner, who he continues to see and communicate with, as well as other dead people. Lest you think this is a Sixth Sense rip-off, it’s not. I’ve only seen one episode, but it’s very well-written, totally engaging, and surprisingly effective. (Thanks, Dana, for recommending it!)

So keep your requests coming…. And stay tuned: I may review your recommendation.


2 thoughts on “The Request Line is Still Open

  1. Thanks – I added Look Who’s Back to my queue. Wasn’t aware of it, so many thanks! I watched the first two episodes of Jessica Jones as soon as they went up, but didn’t finish. Need to get back to that!

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  2. River is a brilliant suggestion. I loved every minute. If you haven’t seen Look Who’s Back, it’s on Netflix and is Amazing. If you didn’t watch Jessica Jones, do that. It’s got some noir touches worth seeing. And I need to go read your post where you discuss what you’re looking for!

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