Film Noir Double Feature


Today, at the Severna Park Library, where I work, we’re going to do something we’ve never done before: a double feature. Not only that, but a film noir double feature! Both movies are free AND so is the popcorn! I hope you’ll join us.

Our particular licensing agreement doesn’t allow me to give the titles to these films here, but if you click on the link above, you’ll find them as well as where we’re located. But if you’d like to venture a guess at the films before clicking on the link:

11:00am – This film features Ray Milland in a really tight spot as a murder suspect. Brilliantly stylized with wonderful characters and performances, this effective noir could also be thought of as “A Large Timepiece.”

1:30pm – “Marie Windsor on a train” is probably enough information for most noir fans to figure out the title of this movie. It’s quite a journey and it also features one of my favorite noir actors, Charles McGraw. Definitely a white-knuckle ride!

We’ve scheduled these films at these times in order to give folks a chance to grab some lunch at one of our local restaurants between movies. Or bring a bag lunch/to go order with you – that’s cool. I hope to see you there!

Photo: I Found It at the Movies

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