Noir City DC 2016 – Getting Warmed Up


It’s getting closer…

I feel so fortunate to live near to a Noir City festival with Noir City DC only a hour’s drive from my house. (You can see the dates and times for the above films here.) I know from social media friends all over the world that many of them have few opportunities for local film noir gatherings, but I would encourage them to try a couple of things:

Ask your local library if they have licensing rights to show films. If so, ask if they could show some film noir movies. Maybe you could get a group together to donate some popcorn?

Start your own group. Invite a few friends over and show film noir movies in your home.

Plan ahead. Treat yourself to an out-of-town festival. Noir City festivals are usually held each year in San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Austin, Seattle, and Washington D.C. (Check the Film Noir Foundation for more information.)

If you’re planning on attending the Noir City DC festival, let me know. I’d love to meet you and talk film noir. In the meantime, here’s Serena Bramble’s “The Endless Night: A Valentine to Film Noir,” a short film that Eddie Muller showed at the opening of last year’s Noir City DC. Enjoy.



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