Noirvember 2016: Recapping Week Three


So it’s Noirvember 22nd and you still haven’t watched a film noir? No worries. I can get you caught up in no time. I’ve got my recaps from Week One and Week Two, plus my Week Three recap below. Hopefully you’ve find a femme fatale to cuddle up next to or perhaps a gumshoe to knock around town with. Enjoy!

Fine Dead Girls (2002) A little Croatian noir for ya…

A Double Life (1947) Who am I this time? Find out with Ronald Colman’s Oscar-winning performance.

Black Widow (1954) No spiders here, at least none of the arachnid type…

Call Northside 777 (1948) Or text. IM, Skype, Facetime… Jimmy Stewart’s okay with any of those.

Where Danger Lives (1950) During Noirvember where doesn’t danger live?

The Stranger (1946) Orson Welles is no stranger to film noir. Neither is Edward G. Robinson.

The House on Telegraph Hill (1951) If you’re staying there, keep an eye on the floor and don’t order orange juice…

Photo: CINECATic

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