Noirvember 2016, Episode 22: The Lady Confesses (1945)


The Lady Confesses (1945) Sam Newfield
Mill Creek Crime Wave DVD

The Lady Confesses isn’t the worst hour and four minutes I’ve ever spent and I suspect the same may be true of you. (If not, you haven’t seen nearly enough really bad movies in your life.) It’s a Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC) flick, which may mean nothing to folks who are not fans of classic films. PRC was also one of the Poverty Row studios, a term that should need no explanation after watching just a few minutes of this film. As long as you know this about The Lady Confesses and adjust your expectations accordingly (i.e. You ain’t gettin’ Citizen Kane here…), you might have a pretty good time.


Larry Craig (Hugh Beaumont, Ward Cleaver himself!) has plans to marry a girl named Vicki (Mary Beth Hughes), but Larry’s wife Norma (Barbara Slater) appears after being missing (and considered dead) for seven years. Before long, Norma turns up dead – really dead this time – and Larry is the prime suspect. Vicki decides to play Nancy Drew and discover the identity of the killer, thus saving Larry from the chair.


There’s certainly nothing earth-shaking here, but Mary Beth Hughes is pretty good and it’s a real kick seeing Beaumont completely blitzed early in the film. (Man, if Wally and Beaver ever found out, that would’ve made a great Leave it to Beaver episode…)


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