We Could Use a Laugh, Right?

Today I provide you with a little unexpected comedy to end a year that hasn’t been very funny at all. Sometimes, just when you think life can’t get any worse, something comes out of left field and simply demands laughter. I had such an experience a couple of days ago. Maybe it will evoke a chuckle or two for you as well.


I recently bought the TV series Shane (1966) at Daedalus Books, a discount book, CD and DVD store not far from where I live. I didn’t even know the series existed, but the entire season was (and still is) on sale for cheap. The show is based on the Jack Schaefer novel and the 1953 film. The TV show contains many of the same characters from the novel and film: Shane (David Carradine), Marian Starett (Jill Ireland), and her son Joey (Christopher Shea). During it’s 17 episodes, we see Shane acting as protector of the Starett homestead, protecting it primarily from cattleman Rufe Ryker (played in the movie by Emile Meyer, here by Bert Freed). The show is quite good. If you’re a fan of Westerns and don’t have it, you’ll want to pick it up.

So I was watching it one morning on my computer. Sometimes I’ll get up early and want to watch something without disturbing my wife, so I’ll turn the sound down very low and turn on the subtitles. I popped in the third episode “The Wild Geese” and immediately realized that the subtitles I was seeing were not for Shane but for the 80s sit-com The Facts of Life.

So here are some screenshots of some of those mixed-up subtitles. If I produce at least one laugh from you, I’ve done my job for the day. Enjoy!












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