The Best of 2016 Lists


This time of year you can count on holiday shopping madness, eating too much and a proliferation of “Best of the Year” lists. I try to limit myself on the first two items  (usually without success with either) but go nuts with my “Best of” lists.


During the next few weeks, I’ll be posting sporadically with several “Best of” lists that I hope you’ll enjoy. My first list should be a Best Books on Movies list. These won’t be books to movies, but rather books about movies, some new, some old. (I also look forward to reading your “Best of” lists.) See you then…

Photos: Lisa Renee Jones, Stumptown Blogger

A Look at The Great Movies at the Severna Park Library 2016


We had a spectacular year at the Severna Park Library in 2016 with our series The Great Movies, which kicked off in January. My co-worker Julia and I believed this would be an enjoyable monthly event for our patrons, showing an important movie each month, and discussing it afterward. It certainly succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.

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Noirvember 2016: 30 Films in 30 Days


I hope everyone had a great Noirvember. I’m looking forward to hearing what you watched last month, so please feel free to use the comments section for that very purpose. I had a great time with Noirvember last year and I think I enjoyed this year even more.

I had originally intended this Noirvember to watch only movies that I’d never seen from the classic film noir period (which I define roughly as the 1940s and 50s), but decided to rewatch a few favorites and films I hadn’t seen in awhile. Some interesting things happened:

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