Rarefilmm Returns!


A couple of people have asked me here on the blog and in person about Rarefilmm and if I know anything about the status of the site. Thanks to a message from my friend Kristina over at Speakeasy, who saw this Tweet from @rarefilmm:

Happy new year, everybody! I will see you guys again on January 27th for the grand re-opening of rarefilmm. Salud!

This is exciting news indeed! We don’t know what the site will look like or how much it might cost to access it, but for many hard-to-find films, this is a great resource. When I know more, I’ll be sure to pass it on, so stay tuned.

Oh, and Happy New Year!

UPDATE: It would seem that Rarefilmm is now RareFilm.net. There’s not much information there (no “About Us”), but there seems to be many films that apparently available to download and not to stream. I have not used the new service. If you have, please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


13 thoughts on “Rarefilmm Returns!

  1. Thanks for the info! I love A LETTER TO THREE WIVES and have seen some of the others you mentioned. I’m going to seek out CRY ‘HAVOC’ which has been on my long “to watch” list for quite awhile. I did watch some of her TV show on Nick at Night many years ago – light, but enjoyable.


  2. She was extremely prolific but mostly trapped in B’s, often the best thing in them. I’m assuming you’ve seen A Letter to Three Wives which is her best film but I’d recommend:

    Cry ‘Havoc’ (fantastic collection of actresses-Margaret Sullavan, Joan Blondell, Marsha Hunt, Fay Bainter, Connie Gilchrist, Ella Raines and several others) April Showers, Brother Orchid, Lady Be Good, Dulcy, Shadow on the Wall, The Judge Steps Out, The Blue Gardenia (though she’s only supporting in it-good noir nonetheless) and the creepy The Killing Kind.

    She also had her own serial “Maisie” which are cute films that mostly get by on the force of her personality-and unless you really like them if you’ve seen one you’ve pretty much seen them all. The best of the bunch are Swing Shift Maisie or Maisie Was a Lady.

    And since Joe & Ethel Turp is right there it was pleasant enough and is extremely rare and hard to find.


  3. Good to know! I like what I’ve seen of Sothern’s work (which isn’t that much) and would love to explore more of it.


  4. I streamed the one I watched, Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President. There was an option to download but I just clicked on the arrow in the video and it played. The movie itself was pretty standard but I’ve been trying to see as much of Ann Sothern’s filmography as I can manage and have been on the hunt for it for a couple of years so I was delighted to find it. What a title!!


  5. Hi, Joel – Yes, I did head over to Rarefilmm recently and noticed the selection was far less than before, but I think he’s slowly trying to upload additional content. I haven’t watched anything yet. Do you have the option of streaming or downloading? Like you, I’m very suspicious of downloading. Please keep me posted!


  6. Hi, You might already have found this out but after being missing in action for so long I discovered the other day that Rarefilmm has actually returned. The selection so far is nowhere near what it was but new films do seem to be being added slowly. I’ve only watched one so far but it played without a hitch.

    Here’s the new site address:


    I looked at RareFilm.net but never used it despite there being several films I was anxious to see because the site seemed a bit hinky and apparently rather than streaming you had to download the films which always makes me wary.


  7. Claus, thanks for the comment! All good information – especially about the potentially long downloads. Thanks again for stopping by!


  8. I have tried rarefilm.net and generally like it. Some of the files are rather large (300-600 MB) and the free downloads are at limited speeds (20 KB per second), which means one large file can take as many as 10 hours to download. The movies that were “premium only” may have now been switched to “free download” I have downloaded one film “Army Girl” which was previously restricted but is now for free, but haven’t tried any others yet.

    Last summer when both sites we operational, there was quite a bit of overlap, with many of the same movies listed on both sites. One main difference was that on rarefilmm the english subs were generally hardcoded onto the film but on rarefilm.net that is rarely the case (usually there is a separate srt file on foreign movies).

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  9. Thanks for the update, Claus. I knew that Rarefilmm, according to Whitehead’s Twitter feed, was shutting down last year until January or so of this year. So Rarefilmm did NOT become Rarefilm? They look very much the same. Have you tried Rarefilm.net? What do you think? Thanks again.


  10. rarefilmm and rarefilm.net are NOT the same website! I was accessing both last summer. rarefilm.net has many movies for free download (those uploaded before last fall), although over the past months, new uploads require a premium account on NitroFlare for download.

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  11. NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES was one of my favorites as well, that and BLACK TUESDAY (also starring Edward G. Robinson). Yes, I’ll be interested in seeing what films will be added and which ones will be maintained. Should be fun!


  12. That is very cool indeed. I discovered the site through a recommendation a few months before it disappeared abruptly and it was a great resource. As I mentioned earlier I’m working on seeing the complete filmographies of many of my favorite performers and it was an invaluable help in working towards that.

    Not everything was great of course, hardly surprising, but I found some real gems, loved Night Has a Thousand Eyes and the Alan Ladd Great Gatsby, and other surprises-Green Hell was a mess but fun in that way that films that don’t turn out well but have a good cast can be.

    It will be interesting to see what changes have been wrought while its been being revamped.

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