The Dark Pages: The Newsletter for Film Noir Lovers


I’m very excited and honored to be one of the contributors to the most recent issue of The Dark Pages: The Newsletter for Film Noir Lovers, edited by Karen Burroughs Hansberry. This particular issue is a special GIANT issue focused on the year 1950. Not only does the issue feature articles on great film noir movies from that year, it also examines what was going on in the world and the culture.

I wrote a piece on the unfairly neglected film noir Where Danger Lives (1950) starring Robert Mitchum, but you can also find discussions of other films such as In a Lonely Place, Gun Crazy, D.O.A., Night and the City, The Woman on Pier 13, The Breaking Point, No Man of Her Own and more. You’ll also find articles on strong anti-heroines of 1950s film noir, director Cy Endfield, virus noir and more.

If you love film noir and are not already subscribed to The Dark Pages, you’re really missing out. You can request a sample issue and subscribe here. You can also follow The Dark Pages Facebook page.

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