Next in Our Great Movies Series

THE GREAT MOVIESOur Great Movies series at the Severna Park Library continues to bring in enthusiastic crowds and last month my co-host Julia and I were delighted to have five or six teenagers in the audience, members of a local high school film club. I’m not sure how large the full group is, but I tracked down their contact information and invited them all to our next event this Thursday.

I am convinced that for great films to survive, the people who love them must share these treasures with others, including younger audiences. Such attempts are not without challenges: younger audiences sometimes recoil at black-and-white images, Production Code limitations, rear projection special effects and more. Yet there’s something about these films that seems to attract newcomers. I’ve seen it at the Noir City film noir festivals and I’m noticing it here locally as well. It’s exciting and we want to see more of it.


This Thursday at the Severna Park Library at 6:15pm we’re showing a Billy Wilder classic that even many hardcore movie fans have not seen. Due to our licensing agreement, I can’t tell you the title of the film, but I can link to the library’s website page that tells you all the information you need. (I know… It makes no sense, right?)

If you’re in the area, come a few minutes early: we usually show a classic Looney Tunes cartoon before the feature. I’ll introduce the film and talk a little about its history before screening it. Afterward, we’ll have an open discussion, which is always fun and enlightening. And the popcorn – which is theater popcorn, not microwave popcorn – is plentiful and free. I hope you’ll join us.


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  1. I’ve been thinking of starting a classic film club for high school students, but I’m still in the mulling-it-over phase. How long have you been conducting the group at your library? How often do you show classic films? Are these films part of a larger film series, i.e. are newer releases shown on other nights?

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