Summer Reading Challenge: Noir City Annual 2015 – Eddie Muller, editor


Noir City Annual 2015 – Eddie Muller, editor
Film Noir Foundation, 2016
Paperback, 271 pages
ISBN 9780692565315

If you’ve ever watched one of Eddie Muller’s introductions on TCM’s Noir Alley (every Sunday at 10am EST,  by the way) or FilmStruck, listened to one of his DVD commentaries, or heard him introduce a film in person, you know that Muller’s love of film noir is personal, passionate, and boundless. Now imagine a book filled with men and women just like Muller who share his passion for film noir. That’s what you get when you pick up any Noir City annual.

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2017: The Movie Numbers So Far

Unknown-1 1200px-Blu-ray_Disc.svg

Today we’re halfway through 2017 and my movie-watching has been pretty good with 218 films watched so far. I know that many of you have seen far more than that and I applaud you. I wish I could watch more, but considering that I saw a total of 280 movies last year, I feel pretty good about having 218 at the mid-year point. (Plus my wife doesn’t care for movies, so there’s that…)

You can see my diary on Letterboxd, but I discovered this morning that I have a couple of duplicates. That’s okay, because I’ve seen at least two films that do not yet appear on Letterboxd, so the numbers are pretty accurate.

I was surprised at the breakdown of how I watch movies. Out of 218 movies, here’s how I accessed them:

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