The Problem with TV Shows…

My love for movies is so strong and intense that I frequently have to leave the room when someone’s discussing TV shows. Although I have taken some steps this year, watching four complete seasons of TV shows (which seems like a minuscule drop in a very large bucket), I can’t help thinking of all the time I could’ve been watching movies. Still, those shows are tempting, but not nearly as tempting as watching (and collecting) classic TV shows.

The amount of great stuff out there is ridiculous. Not only that, the prices of these shows on DVD and Blu-ray are by-and-large incredibly low. Here are three classic TV shows that I love and am very tempted to own, especially because their current prices are so low:



Columbo: The Complete Series (DVD)

I grew up with these shows and still love ’em. Peter Falk was one-of-a-kind and despite some really bad fashions on display, the show is timeless. This set of 34 DVDs is currently on sale at Amazon for $37. That’s $1.09 per disc!!! And the set’s total running time is a whopping 5992 minutes. Easily the best value for your money.


The Dick Van Dyke Show: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

While I have vague memories of The Dick Van Dyke Show on TV when it originally aired, I religiously watched it on Nick at Nite in the early 90s and loved every aspect of it. The talent level is through the roof and again, the show still holds up as a quality program. Originally retailing for over $300, the set is now an insane $68. That’s five seasons on Blu-ray, loaded with extras. The set includes 15 discs; that comes out to $4.50 per disc. Yes, I know I can stream the show on Netflix, but the extras… Total time = 3950 minutes.


Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Granada Television Series (Blu-ray)

The most expensive set on my list of temptations, the Sherlock Holmes set is now on Amazon for $85, which comes out to $7 per disc. Still a great deal. Total time = 2310 minutes.

So we’ll see how long until I give in to one (or all) of these temptations. If you have similar struggles, let me know (quickly!) how you handle it.

6 thoughts on “The Problem with TV Shows…

  1. Both classic shows to be sure. I actually caved in and bought both of them! I did leave the Sherlock Holmes set alone… for now!


  2. That Columbo price is just insane! Talk about value for your dollar. They do still run quite frequently but the joy of being able to sit and watch without commercials and chose at random from your favorites is very tempting. The shows were intricate and well written but Peter Falk just made them so much better.

    That Dick Van Dyke price is pretty sweet as well. That show just never gets old. So many terrific shows but I’ve always had a soft spot for the show where Richie finds out his middle name is Rosebud and Rob has to explain why.

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  3. That is very true and I think that’s what makes these classic shows so appealing (at least to me). You can pop them in and watch your favorite episodes and you’re done. Doesn’t really happen with the more modern episodic shows that really do seem like long movies.


  4. Well, these shows are from the era before season long story arcs and actual character development so they are easy to drop in and out of as opposed to say Buffy or Expanse or Battlestar. You can just think of modern TV as really long movies 😛

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