Waiting for Noirvember 2017

Benito Movie Poster

Journeys in Darkness and Light will be quiet for awhile… I plan on spending a few days at Noir City DC (and I promise to report back) watching some great noir, seeing some noir folks I haven’t seen in awhile, and hopefully meeting some new friends. Before and after that, I’ll also be doing some research on an upcoming project. (I’ll report back on that, too, when it gets a little closer.)

In the meantime, I’ve been delighted to see several people on Twitter posting their Noirvember lists. I’m not going to post mine beforehand, but rather post a new film each day as I’ve done in the past. So while the blog is silent for awhile, here are the films I reported on during Noirvember 2015 and 2016. Maybe you’ll find something to add to your lists. Enjoy!

Photo: Benito Movie Poster

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