Noirvember 2017, Episode 25: Rogue Cop (1954)


Rogue Cop (1954) Roy Rowland
TCM (1:32)


Ah, we’ve seen it all before, haven’t we? Two brothers, both cops: one upstanding, the other crooked. In this case we have the upstanding Officer Eddie Kelvaney (Steve Forrest) and his corrupt brother Detective Sergeant Christopher Kelvaney (Robert Taylor).


Christopher is on the take with the mob boss Dan Beaumonte (George Raft), so when brother Eddie announces that he’s going to identify the killer of a drug dealer in court, Christopher’s mob controller tells him to “convince” Eddie to forget what he saw and, oh, here’s some money to help you forget.


Familiar territory for sure, but Robert Taylor delivers an effective performance and the John F. Seitz Oscar-nominated cinematography is quite good. Janet Leigh is good as Eddie’s girl with a past and Anne Francis (above) gives a nice performance as Beaumonte’s lush of a girlfriend. Look also for Vince Edwards and Alan Hale, Jr. in a bit part.


Next: “What do I do now, Johnny?”

“Dry your eyes and blow your nose in the order named.”

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