Movies Watched in January 2018

What I'm Watching in 2018

Before you get too impressed, many of these are short films and 12 titles are movies I saw at Noir City 16. I wish I had time to talk about all of them, but I’ve linked to those I’ve discussed previously and highlighted those I enjoyed quite a bit. (You can also see what I’m watching on Letterboxd.) Hopefully there’ll be something here for you to investigate as well.

The Sea Wolf (1941)

The Elephant Man (1980) (4x)

The Lost World (1925)

Maigret Lays a Trap (1958)

Maigret and the St. Fiacre Case (1959)

Cry Terror! (1958)

From Fat to Finish Line (doc. 2015)

History is Made at Night (1937)

A Slight Case of Murder (1938)

Stella Dallas (1937)

A Ghost Story (2017)

Dodge City (1939)

Brigsby Bear (2017)

The Post (2017)

Harper (1966) (2x)

Dark (TV 2017)

Seven Days in May (1964)

Wind River (2017)

Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff (doc. 2010)

Q: The Winged Serpent (1982)

Baby Face (1933)

My Favorite Wife (1940)

Phantom Thread (2017)

Harakiri (1919)

How Green Was My Valley (1941)

The Paleface (1922) short

Cops (1922) short

Hotel Rwanda (2004) (2x)

Contraband (1940)

My Wife’s Relations (1922) short

Rose Hobart (1936) short

I Walk Alone (1948)

I Wake Up Screaming (1941) (2x)

Among the Living (1941) (2x)

This Gun for Hire (1942) (2x)

Quiet Please, Murder (1942)

Shadow of a Doubt (1943) (4x)

Address Unknown (1944)

Destiny (1944)

Flesh and Fantasy (1943)

Conflict (1945)

Jealousy (1945)

The Blue Dahlia (1946) (2x)

Night Editor (1946)

Sorry, Wrong Number (1948) (2x)

2 thoughts on “Movies Watched in January 2018

  1. DODGE CITY was certainly a lot of fun, one I will want to see again soon. I’ve really enjoyed seeing a lot of Michael Curtiz films lately.


  2. I LOVE Dodge City, there’s just something about it that moves it ahead of the regular flock of Westerns for me. I’ve read that Olivia wasn’t too pleased about being cast in it but I can’t quite see why. Her character of Abbie is an intelligent strong woman who has no problem telling off Errol Flynn. This is prime Flynn too, as long as you don’t think too much about why he speaks with a clipped mixed English/Australian accent, he, Alan Hale and Guinn Williams make great saddle mates.

    I’m also a fan of Cry Terror! It’s an involving drama with an interestingly varied cast and one of my beloved Inger Stevens better roles. Also a surprisingly venal Angie Dickinson.

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