Movies Watched in March 2018

What I'm Watching in 2018

March was an incredible month for movies, largely due to a decision I made fairly late in the month to try to watch at least one movie a week from Roger Ebert’s Great Movies list, which includes 383 films, 246 of which I have seen. It should take me about three years to finish that project if I stay on track. Stay tuned.

I saw 42 films (including one TV series) in March, 34 of them for the first time. Films I particularly liked are in bold, some of which are linked to my original reviews.

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) Warner Blu-ray, The Great Movies library series (2x)

City for Conquest (1940) Warner DVD

Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017) Amazon streaming

They Won’t Believe Me (1947) borrowed from a friend

Le Corbeau (1943) FilmStruck

Chase a Crooked Shadow (1958) borrowed from a friend

Cathy’s Curse (1977) Library DVD

Blood on the Moon (1948) borrowed from a friend

True Romance (1993) borrowed from a friend

Four Faces West (1948) Kino Lorber Blu-ray

Danger Signal (1945) borrowed from a friend

Chance, Season 1 (TV 2016) Hulu

Flash Gordon (1980) borrowed from a friend (3x)

Loving Vincent (2017) Library DVD

Raw Deal (1948) ClassicFlix Blu-ray (2x)

Black Panther (2018) Regal Waugh Chapel Stadium 12

The Black Castle (1952) The Boris Karloff Collection DVD (Universal)

Day Dreams (1922) The Ultimate Buster Keaton Collection Blu-ray

Strange Bargain (1949) borrowed from a friend

Trouble is My Business (2018) review screener (Review to be published in the March/April issue of The Dark Pages

The Electric House (1922) The Ultimate Buster Keaton Collection Blu-ray

Autumn Leaves (1956) borrowed from a friend

Three O’Clock High (1987) Shout Factory Blu-ray

The Sea Wolf (1941) AFI Silver with introduction by Alan K. Rode (2x)

The Earrings of Madame de… (1953) FilmStruck

Come and See (1985) FilmStruck

The Saphead (1920) The Ultimate Buster Keaton Collection Blu-ray Blu-ray

Rescued by Rover (1905) Old Boy, Movies from the Silent Era

Streets of Fire (1984) Shout Factory Blu-ray

Vertigo (1958) Universal Blu-ray (10x)

Hell Drivers (1957) borrowed from a friend

Cop Land (1997) DVD (2x)

The Last of Sheila (1973) FilmStruck

Night Nurse (1931) Forbidden Hollywood, Volume II DVD

Who’s That Knocking at My Door (1967) Warner DVD

Now You’re Talking (1927) Old Boy, Movies from the Silent Era

The Second Woman (1950) borrowed from a friend

Local Hero (1983) Warner DVD

Portrait of Jennie (1948) Kino Lorber Blu-ray (2x)

The Elephant Man (1980) Studio Canal (UK) Blu-ray, The Great Movies library series (5x)(rescheduled from January due to inclement weather)

Children of Paradise (1945) FilmStruck

Riff-Raff (1947) Warner DVD (MOD)

One thought on “Movies Watched in March 2018

  1. Some really great films here. Some like The Elephant Man and Earrings of Madame de….have been extensively commented on elsewhere to their worth and quality but there are four others that caught my eye, I’ve already remarked on my love for The Last of Sheila but The Sea Wolf, Chase a Crooked Shadow and especially They Won’t Believe Me are big favorites of mine and far too obscure.

    They Won’t Believe Me is a great showcase for actresses, and one actor, who weren’t used properly very often. Susan Hayward is the exception to that-once she hit her stride she had an array of standout parts-and while she’s terrific in this her role is small especially considering her billing. But she was very much on the way up. Jane Greer is strong even if she’s in good girl mode but I think the best performance of the ladies is turned in by Rita Johnson a very fine actress whose talents were rarely used as well as they should have been. Unfortunately it was shortly after this that she had a terrible accident where she sustained significant head trauma which greatly curtailed her career, It’s also great to see another facet to Robert Young’s talent. He was usually the neat as a pin good guy, which of course was massively successful for him once he moved into TV, but the few chances he got to shade his character with darkness and Larry Ballentine for all his charm is a shameless worthless cad he rose to the challenge and delivered some of his best work.


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