A Time of Fear and Trembling: A Movie Project with Friends/Co-Workers

I don’t know about you, but I often finish watching a movie that’s had a huge impact on my life (or one I’ve simply enjoyed) and ache to show it to someone else, hoping it will mean something to them also. Two years ago, Beckie, one of my co-workers, approached me about a movie project in which we each recommend a favorite film to the other person, watch it, and talk about it afterward. I also blogged about it, calling it The Beckie Project. (You can check out Part I to see what it was all about.)

I think Beckie and I learned a lot about ourselves and each other. Looking over the posts, you can tell that we have wildly different tastes in movies and that’s okay. Actually, that’s the whole point: each person watching something outside their comfort zone. It was a tremendous experience that I encourage you to try with some of your friends/co-workers. You’ll learn some interesting things about them and yourself. You might just find out that a genre, title, or actor you don’t care for really has something to offer.

The Beckie Project 2018

This year, Beckie and I have expanded our scope, not necessarily in the number of films, but rather participants. Karen, another co-worker, will be joining us for our new project. I asked Beckie to choose our first genre, which will be romantic comedies.

It will come as no surprise to know that I will be recommending primarily classic films. Beckie (who’s younger than me), more current movies. Karen (who’s older than me)… Who knows?

Beckie, Karen and I will each provide the others with a list of three or four films. If either of the other two people have seen a movie on our lists, that movie is ineligible. We’ve now chosen three titles for the romantic comedy phase of our project. All I will tell you right now is that my movie is from 1960, Karen’s from 1998, and Beckie’s from 2009. I recently watched Becky’s choice and will soon watch Karen’s (and will, of course, rewatch my own pick). Stay tuned. I’m excited… and a little nervous.

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