A New Venture… Wish Me Luck!


So I’m a little nervous… I’ve been asked to be a guest on an upcoming podcast about movies. I’ve done podcasting before: for three years with The Comics Alternative (mostly on the Young Reader episodes) and have been a guest on other podcasts, but those shows were always about comics and graphic novels. Tomorrow I record my first podcast episode about movies, two in particular.

I can’t tell you any specifics about the podcast or the movies themselves, other than the fact that they both have a connection to FilmStruck. (No, I’m not podcasting for FilmStruck!) The person in charge of the podcast is hoping (and so am I) that I might be a somewhat regular guest on the show, so cross your fingers. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I’m trying to relax. Maybe if I watch a nice, relaxing movie with bright, happy colors… Wish me luck!


Photos: Content Insights, Film Review Feast


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