Gearing Up for the 2018 Summer Reading Challenge


I had such a great time last year with the Summer Reading Challenge over at Out of the Past: A Classic Film Blog, I’m already making plans for this year’s challenge. In 2017, I discovered a wonderful set of titles and enjoyed learning what other movie lovers read.


So far I have just a few titles vying for my attention for this summer’s challenge. (Although Raquel over at Out of the Past hasn’t posted the official challenge yet, you can start planning your lists, too. In the meantime, check out her excellent coverage of the TCM Classic Film Festival 2018 starting here.) I certainly won’t get around to all of these books, but these are among the ones I’m considering.

As a librarian, I’m always trying to get people to read more. My challenge for movie lovers is to encourage you to read at least one book about movies this summer. Take a look at Raquel’s guidelines and suggestions from last year. If you love movies, you’re bound to find at least one title that strikes your interest. So please join me in this venture! Need suggestions? Ask away!

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