3 thoughts on “The Best of 2018 Movies: A Preview (and Maybe Also a Rant)

  1. I almost gave up on Withnail and I. Thought it was really mean-spirited early on, but I did manage to warm up to it, possibly due to Richard Griffiths as Uncle Month.

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  2. I hear you! So many films that I haven’t seen, either. However, I did watch “Roma” on Netflix the other day and absolutely loved it. I loved the recurring theme of water, and I greatly admired the main character, Cleo.

    On another note, I tried to watch “Withnail and I”, and I’m afraid I only made it halfway. It’s just not my cuppa tea, but now I know where all those quotable lines come from. (“We want the finest wines available to humanity!”) I do want to thank you for encouraging me to see it.

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