Nora Prentiss (1947) Vincent Sherman


Who can say no to Ann Sheridan? Certainly not me. Today I talk about an oft-neglected film noir that you really should see, Nora Prentiss (1947). Please read on!

Noirvember 2017, Episode 26: Johnny O’Clock (1947)


Johnny O’Clock (1947) Robert Rossen
YouTube (1:35)

I spent part of the time I watched Johnny O’Clock thinking how awkward it would be to have a name like Johnny O’Clock, merging a person with a time, or maybe thinking silly thoughts of people shouting lines like, “It’s Johnny Time!” (To make things more wacky, there’s at least one watch involved in the film.) All the while there’s this great movie going on with so many plot points spinning in the air you don’t have time to dwell on the ludicrousness of the film’s title. I’ll try to summarize the plot, but don’t be surprised if I simply give up after a couple of sentences:

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