Moonrise (1948) Noirvember 2015: Episode 18


Moonrise (1948) Frank Borzage
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Young Danny Hawkins is constantly tormented by other boys his age, but the reason has nothing to do with anything Danny did. No, it’s because of Danny’s father, who was hanged as a murderer. After an opening which is equal parts surreal and nightmarish, we aren’t sure what to expect next: Salvador Dali, Southern gothic noir, or both.

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The Big Clock (1948) Noirvember 2015: Episode 11

big clock

The Big Clock (1948) John Farrow
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The title of this film is no accident and is in many ways part of its charm. The Big Clock is just that: composed of a myriad of intricate moving parts, all working together to create something of a marvel, a creation you can watch in awe, no matter how many times you see the second hand move around the dial. The film is a wonder, a thing of beauty.

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He Walked by Night (1948) Noirvember 2015: Episode 1

(I’ve decided to try to post at least a short review of each film noir I watch in Noirvember. Some will be short, some will be longer. Hope you enjoy them!)


He Walked by Night (1948) Alfred L. Werker and Anthony Mann
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As David J. Hogan points out in his book Film Noir FAQHe Walked by Night and Jules Dassin’s The Naked City (also 1948) both work as police procedurals, but He Walked by Night contains far more noir elements, thanks in large part to John Alton’s brilliant cinematography of on-location Los Angeles.

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