Tim Ginger (2015) Julian Hanshaw


Tim Ginger (2015) Julian Hanshaw (Top Shelf Publications)
Trade paperback, 150 pages
ISBN 9781603093507
Retail $19.99

From the moment I saw it solicited in Previews months ago, I knew I wanted to read Tim Ginger. I wasn’t familiar with the title or the creator Julian Hanshaw, but something about the cover connected with me. Maybe it was the guy with the eye patch, floating over the desert landscape. Maybe it was the rotary telephone resting on a tall table, its shadow casting on a blue trailer home that looked like it had been parked there since the Great War. Whatever it was that made me pick it up, it was one of my best reading decisions of the year.

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Happy Birthday, Ida Lupino

Ida Lupino Looking Through Movie Camera

Happy Birthday to an actress/director who doesn’t get nearly as much recognition as she should – Ida Lupino, a very important name in female directors. I’m still waiting on a good biography of Lupino… All the ones I’ve heard about seem to have problems or limitations. In honor of Lupino’s birthday, I think I’ll watch her 1953 film noir The Hitch-Hiker.

The Hitch-Hiker (1953)

Twin Peaks, Season One (TV 1990)


Twin Peaks Season One (1990)
8 episodes including pilot

The David Lynch Project Part IV


Looking at Twin Peaks, you get the feeling that David Lynch was like a kid placed in a room with an enormous amount of toys. Not an unlimited number of toys, but enough to keep him interested for a long, long time. A television series also gave Lynch a longer format to work with, allowing him and co-creator Mark Frost to develop characters and themes, to experiment, to take risks and to explore. Sure, there were restrictions; this was network TV in the early 90s, after all, but it may not be too much of a stretch to say that with Twin Peaks, Lynch was at least partially responsible for pushing boundaries and exploring some unchartered television territory.

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