The Great Movies, Episode 7: Shadow of a Doubt (1943)

Last night marked the six-month (oops – actually seven-month) anniversary of our Great Movies series at the Severna Park Library and it was our largest crowd yet: 45 people in attendance. For the first time, we had people arriving quite early, asking when we were going to open the doors. Ten minutes before the movie started, we had more than half the seats filled.

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Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco


When I knew I was going to visit San Francisco, one of the first things I did was map out all the locations where Alfred Hitchcock shot Vertigo (1958). Those places are scattered throughout (and beyond) the city, so while I knew I’d never be able to see them all, I at least wanted to hit one or two of them. My wife surprised me by sending me the link to a site she found that advertised a walking tour called Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco.

At each stop, I’ll try to show the relevant shot from the film (whenever possible), followed by how the same location looks now.

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