It Follows (2014) David Robert Mitchell


It Follows (2014)
Dimension Films
Directed by David Robert Mitchell
Produced by Joshua Astrachan, Mia Chang, others
Written by David Robert Mitchell
Cinematography by Mike Gioulakis
Edited by Julio Perez IV
Music by Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace)
Anchor Bay DVD (library)
(color, 1:40)

(Mild spoilers early; major spoilers later)

The problem with so, so many horror films lies in the fact that most of them are completely mindless explorations of one or more people frantically running for their lives from some type of bogeyman/creature/zombie/vampire/you fill-in-the-blank. An original, well-developed concept is extremely rare and when one finally appears, you hope against hope that something great is going to happen. With It Follows, something great does happen… up to a point. Yet whether that point is small mound of salt or a mountain is up to you.

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Best Graphic Novels Published in 2014

“Best of” lists are always problematic. I thought for weeks that I had my Top 10 wrapped up, then discovered I only had nine. When I couldn’t decide between a couple of late entries, I decided to include them both, so here are my Top 11 graphic novels published in 2014:

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2014 Graphic Novel Runners-Up

I haven’t counted, but I’d estimate I read at least 200 graphic novels this year. I’m sure many people read far more than that, so don’t be too impressed with my numbers. Also there were many graphic novels published this year that I didn’t get to read, books that might have been on my Top 10 of 2014 had I read them. Still, I read a lot of good ones, too many to narrow down to just ten, so I decided to post a Runners-Up list, books that didn’t quite make my Top 10, but certainly deserve mention. I hope you find something of interest in this Runners-Up list. (All books are in alphabetical order by title.)

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2014 Rewatches

Rewatching movies you haven’t seen in ten or more years can be a real crap shoot. If you cherish wonderful memories from a film, you certainly don’t want to run the risk of spoiling those memories forever. Yet you might discover that a film you once dismissed as average (or worse) has gained an element of beauty with age, when in fact, the movie hasn’t changed at all, but you have.

So it is always with a bit of trepidation that I rewatch a film from 10+ years ago. The least amount of time that passed between viewings of the following films was about 10 years; the most: 35 years. Here are the films I revisited in 2014 and enjoyed even more the second time around:

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2014 Best Graphic Novels for Kids

As I librarian, I run across a lot of graphic novels for kids, many of which I recommend to parents and grandparents for those kids in their lives who may be reluctant readers. Not all kids that come into the library are reluctant readers, however, and many of them are absolutely crazy about graphic novels. Even if it wasn’t part of my job to read kids’ graphic novels, I’d do it anyway out of sheer enjoyment. Here are some of the best new graphic novels for kids that were published in 2014:

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2014 Reissues

One of the great pleasures of following comics is seeing a title you once loved – either in single issues or out-of-print collected editions – being reissued. It’s also fun discovering a title you didn’t previously know existed, collected in a nice new format. Here are some of the reissues I most enjoyed in 2014. (I would be delighted if you would be so kind as to share your own.)

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