Talking Casablanca (1942) on The Movie Palace Podcast

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Catch the latest episode of The Movie Palace podcast, where you’ll hear the show’s host Carl Sweeney and I discuss one of our favorite movies, Casablanca. Many thanks to Carl for having me as a guest. Hope you enjoy the show!

Noir City 16: Day 4, 1945 – Conflict and Jealousy


Jack Warner just didn’t get it. He couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about over Humphrey Bogart, despite the fact that the actor’s portrayal of Rick in Casablanca was one of the main reasons Warner was able to take home the Oscar for Best Picture. So what was Bogart’s reward for delivering such a performance? Eddie Muller provided the answer: playing a wife-killer who’s obsessed with his dead wife’s sister.

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Noirvember 2016, Episode 12: Dead Reckoning (1947)


Dead Reckoning (1947) John Cromwell
Columbia DVD – interlibrary loan


Rip Murdock (Humphrey Bogart) stealthily slips and slides through city streets and in desperation, ducks into a church. Once there he corners a priest to tell him his story before the people he’s running away from can catch up to him. It seems that Murdock and his paratrooper buddy Johnny Drake (William Prince) have attracted a lot of attention on their return from WWII. When the train stops and the press want to photograph and interview Drake for his medal-earning bravery during the war, Drake runs away and hops another train headed in the other direction, leaving Murdock alone and confused. Later, Murdock learns that Drake was killed in an auto accident in Drake’s hometown of Gulf City. Suspecting that someone’s hiding something, Murdock goes Gulf City to investigate.

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