Lost in NYC: A Subway Adventure (J NF 2015)


Lost in NYC: A Subway Adventure (2015) TOON Books
Nadja Spiegelman, writer
Sergio Garcia Sanchez, artist
Hardcover, 7.8”x10”, 52 page
ISBN 9781935179818
Price $16.95
Ages 8 and up
(also published in a Spanish edition)

Pablo’s first day at a new school is not off to a good start. Not only does he have to deal with the problems of a new school, new teachers, and new classmates, his mom has put Pablo’s teddy bear in his backpack to keep him company.

Fortunately Pablo’s classmates don’t hassle him too much about the bear. One of his new classmates, Alicia, offers to act as Pablo’s partner for the class trip to the Empire State Building. Pablo reluctantly accepts, feeling he really doesn’t need anyone’s help, but when he chooses the wrong subway train, he wonders if he’ll ever rejoin his class. Not only does he have to navigate his way through a new set of friends, Pablo also has to learn his way around the NYC subway system.

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Sleepless Knight (J 2015) James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, Alexis-Frederick-Frost


Sleepless Knight (2015) James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, Alexis-Frederick-Frost
First Second
Hardcover, 40 pages
ISBN 9781596436510

First Second – a division of Macmillan Publishers – offers “graphic novels for children, adults, and everyone in between.” The word “everyone” certainly includes very young readers, the target audience for Sleepless Knight, a collaboration between James Sturm (co-founder of the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont), Andrew Arnold, and Alexis-Frederick-Frost, all of whom have previously worked together on the Adventures in Cartooning series. With Sleepless Knight, the creators have given kids (and their parents) a fun, humor-filled graphic novel picture book.

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2014 Best Graphic Novels for Kids

As I librarian, I run across a lot of graphic novels for kids, many of which I recommend to parents and grandparents for those kids in their lives who may be reluctant readers. Not all kids that come into the library are reluctant readers, however, and many of them are absolutely crazy about graphic novels. Even if it wasn’t part of my job to read kids’ graphic novels, I’d do it anyway out of sheer enjoyment. Here are some of the best new graphic novels for kids that were published in 2014:

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