Film Noir Releases in October 2016

Okay, so October obviously belongs to horror, and so next month may be a bit light on new film noir releases, but remember that November (or Noirvember, if you prefer) is just around the corner. In the meantime, I hope these October noir releases – many of which are European – will give you something to consider. (Unless otherwise indicated, these are U.S. Region A Blu-ray releases.)

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Panic in Year Zero (1962) Ray Milland


Panic in Year Zero (1962) Ray Milland
Kino Lorber DVD – library (1:32)

Most American International pictures focused on two primary goals: make movies that interest teenagers and make ‘em cheap. Panic in Year Zero doesn’t exactly break the mold, although teen interest (casting Frankie Avalon and Mary Mitchel) joins two seasoned veteran actors: Ray Milland and Jean Hagen in a disaster/end-of-the-world flick that still holds up pretty well.

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